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Brad Bigney Homework Clip

Welcome to Grace Fellowship Church!

I’ve never been a part of anything like this. From the group of 80 people that first greeted me in 1996, to the 1800 people that now call Grace Fellowship home, we’ve experienced God’s presence and power in our midst to change lives.  There’s a joy in lifting up Christ, digging into His Word, and coming alongside one another to spur each other onto be more like Christ that is contagious. If that sounds like what you’re looking for then jump in with us because we’re asking God to raise up a generation of Christians who have the courage to stand, the confidence to speak up, and the heart to sacrifice because of the truth of God’s Word, the mission of God’s church and the mercy of God’s Son – Jesus Christ!

God has done so much here on this campus to change lives, but we don’t want people to keep piling up people here on this campus; we want to spread it out and go where the people are.

The short history of our church (since May 1994) has been a front row seat to see God do ‘exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or think’ (Ephesians 3:20).

I can’t wait to see what God will do next. We anticipate that our best years are still ahead. Lead on, O King eternal!

Brad Bigney

author of Gospel Treason

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Use the search feature to find messages that may be helpful to your counselee. The sermons you’ll find here are all from GFC or other churches and teachers who love God’s Word.


To see what ACBC Conference messages we have for checkout from the office, look HERE.

Sermon or Series TitleTopicLink
Holy SexSex, purity, marriage, lustListen Here
Gospel TreasonGospel, treason, idolatry, brad, bigneyListen Here
Hope has a Namehope, Jesus, ChristmasListen Here
Real WorshipWorship, Idolatry, Bible, Heart, Listen Here
Gospel Therefore'sGospel, Put on, Put off, Imperatives, Indicatives, Hearing, obedienceListen Here
Money: God or Gift?Money, finances, idol, control, Second Coming, worry, faithfulListen Here
What's the Bible All About?Bible, Word, Sin, Gospel, Spiritual DisciplinesListen Here
Help and Hope for Hurting ParentsParenting, discipline, kidsListen Here
When Marriage and Mercy CollideMarriage, PreMarital, RelationshipsListen Here
Parenting with JoyParenting, children, disciplineListen Here
Avoiding the Deadly Sins of MarriagePreMarital, marriage, conflict, relationshipsListen Here
Job: ShatteredSuffering, Pain, Hope, JobListen Here
I Don't Know What to Do!Will, Obedience, Plans, SovereigntyListen Here
Worrier or WorshipperWorry, Worship, Peace, RestListen Here
People Like Us with Problems Like OursReal People, Faith, Trusting, WeaknessListen Here
Parenting on PurposeParenting, Discipline, ChildrenListen Here
But God…Hope, Despair, DisappointmentListen Here
Milton Vincent messages on ForgivenessForgiveness, Milton, Vincent, CDT, Bitterness, EvangelizingListen Here
Nicolas Ellen: Every Christian a CounselorCDT, Nicolas, Ellen, CounselorListen Here
The Heart of ConflictHeart, conflict, Stuart ScottListen Here