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Natural Beauty Bangladesh Essay Definition

Dear jeson,

At first take my cordial  love. How are you? Hopefully  you are fine. I am also fine. In your last letter you wrote about your country and wanted to know about my country. Now I am writing  about my country. Bangladesh  is a full of natural  beauty.  In every part of this country specially  in village site you can see the beauty  of green. There are many attractive natural  beautiful  place also.  You must listened  about cox’s  bazer sea beach which is the longest in the world. and also the beauty of Rangamati and banderbane you will pleased  to see the beauty  of those place. There are so many hills and those are attached  with many green trees.  and also in our country there our the biggest  mangrove  forest in the world which is sunderbone. It’s  form with a lots of trees and  different  animals. There  is also royal Bangol tigers which is the most attractive  to see in the world. we have another beautiful  city which is sylhet. This city is popular  for it’s  beautiful  tea garden in hills. It’s  look so beautiful. and also there are tourist  attractive place like jaflong madhobkondo so many places.  Bangladesh  is called  the land of rivers.  Many rivers  are speared  trough different  side in this country .  The rivers  side is look very beautiful. so  The overall beauty  of our country it’s  astonished  to see.

No more today, write you later. Take care of your self

your friend

shafin mahmud

Bangladesh is the darling child of nature. Nature has rained her natural beauties on her darling child. Bangladesh is a country which is full of natural beauties. Man is lover of natural beauties of Bangladesh. Moreover none can deny the fact that Nature possesses a primary place in man’s thoughts and feelings. It exercises a great influence in man’s life.

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. Each season has it’s own characteristics. In each season Nature appears before us in new attire. In Bangladesh summer is very hot. The sun shines very hotly. But sometimes refreshing breeze blows and it gives man relief from the excessive heat. In the afternoon people site in the open field and enjoy the refreshing breeze. They feel fresh. Young boys play football and other outdoor games. At night people in the rural area sit in the open field and spend the night in gossiping. Sometimes they sleep in the open field. The town people sit on the roof of their houses and enjoy the pleasant breeze. The champa, the beli, the Karabir, the jaba and the bakul bloom during this season. Every garden beams with various flowers. Different kinds of fruits are seen hanging in the branches of trees. They also present a beautiful scenery.

After summer comes the rainy season. The sky remains overcast with clouds. It rains for days together. The ponds, canals rivers etc, are full to the brim. The vast expanse of water presents a beautiful sight. The sound of falling of rain on the tin produces a ringing sound. It makes man thoughtful for the time being. During the rainy season various kinds of flowers bloom, Kadam, keya, hasna-hena, the juthi are some of the flowers that bloom in the rainy season and offers a grand show. Nature regains a new life in this season. The whole country looks fresh and beautiful.

When the white sails of clouds float about in the clear blue sky, it heralds the advent of autumn. People get relief from excessive rain and heat. It is a pleasant season. In this season nature puts on a new attire. The plants and trees look fresh and lively. It is neither too hot nor too cold. At night dew drops fall on grass and they look like glittering pearls. Fields look green with the luxuriant growth of the crops. Shefali and water lilies bloom in this season. In a word autumn is a season of natural beauty of Bangladesh.

After autumn comes the late autumn. It is a season of mist. Different kinds of crops and fruits ripe in this season. The ripe paddy fields offer a grand view. The golden color of the ripe paddy shines in the sun and the ripe paddy field look like vast expanse of gold. The paddy tosses it’s head in the brezze. Dew drops fall on the ripe paddy and the paddy field assumes golden color. The cow boys return with the cattle. The farmer’s face beam with smile.

Spring, the king of all seasons comes with many beautiful natural gifts that refresh our body and mind. It is the most pleasant and most beautiful season of the year. Nature puts on a gay and lively appearance just with the advent of spring. New leaves hang on every branch of leafless trees. Spring by its magic touch gives them new dress of green leaves. The trees look fresh and lively during this season. The whole nature laughs at that time. Gentle breeze begins to blow from the south and refreshes our mind. There is music in nature in this season. Many song birds sing sweet song in this season. The cuckoo comes back and sings sweet song behind the leaves. The bou katha kao (Bengali- বউ কথা কও) is also another song bird and sings sweetly in this season. There is also variety of color in the flowers. We find color and color everywhere. All kinds of flowers bloom in this season. People can enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature to their heart’s content.

Winter also is not without its beauty. It is pleasant to bask in the sun. Winter is a season of abundance. All types of vegetables and fishes are available in this season.

Cox’s Bazar is another place full of scenic beauty. It is the longest sea beach in the world. People from home and abroad come here and forget the sorrows and sufferings of their dally Life. Here people enjoy life to the lees. The big waves lash and dash against the beach. The sun rising and the sun set can best be seen from this beach. The vast expanse of water presents a grand show. When the rays of the rising and the setting sun fall on water the water looks like glittering pearls.

Kuakata is also a place of scenic beauty. It is called the daughter of the sea. The place helps people to forget the sorrows and sufferings and the din and bustle of city life.

Rangamati and the hilly regions deserve special mention. All these places are full of green scenery. The natural beauties of these places can not be described in words. The tea gardens are also full of natural beauties. Places like Jaflong and Madhobkundo are also full of beautiful natural scenery.

The Sunder bans is also an attractive tourist spot. It is the 52nd world Heritage Site in the world. It has also gained special attention as a mangrove forest. Many people, particularly the foreigners, like to see its natural beauty. The spotted deer and the estuarine crocodiles are found here.

The natural beauties are very import in our life. They exercise a great influence of us. They have a soothing and healing effect on our life. They leave a healthy impact on our mind. We become motionless and stand still to see the natural beauties of our dear motherland. They cast a magic spell on us and remind the creator.