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J Stash Robb Banks Dissertation

Eh, quit saying my motherfucking name in yo' motherfucking songs
Don't let me put them goons at yo' neck
Please don't let me send my niggas out
Cause them niggas ready to go

[Verse 1]
Why they acting like they hot
Robb been rapping five years ain't pop
Spoiled brat, boy Shaggy is yo' pops
Man my niggas killing niggas like the cops
Ain't no snitching on the side though
How you gonna wife up a nigga side hoe
How you gon' act like a nigga pie though
When I whooped yo' ass in front of Metroboomin' live show
Ask Key he was there
Cassidy she was there
Police they was there
Still whooped yo' ass, boy I ain't care
Fuck a tweet I'm in these streets bitch
Pop a nigga motherfuck that in the streets shit
Fuck around catch a charge with this beef shit
But my lawyer Jewish, I be on the beach, bitch
With my girl on my side
Got a couple real niggas that 'ah ride
Payed niggas, same day outside
My name hold weight, disrespect you die, lord
Shout out to my gunners
Smoking out a front [?]
Dope boy so a nigga stay one hunnas
Usain Bolt how I had you niggas running
Dang you niggas slow
Took ya' ass two years you a hoe
Richard just relax, let it go
How we beefing, but you dap Teddy Blow
Bitch you got a nigga guessing
Pussy nigga out here paying for protection
You ain't grow up with them niggas, quit the flexing
They only fuck with you cause them niggas there finessin'
Extortion on yo' bitch ass
Meanwhile I'm out the country getting this cash
London, my ninth time visiting France
I just signed a new lease out in Japan
My passport picture's wetted up
Ya' momma house in Coral Springs getting wetted up
I set it up, no more talking, you just want the fame
I rip them dreads out yo' head like you T-Pain
Out yo' head like you T-Pain
No more talking, you just want the fame
I rip them dreads out yo' head like you T-Pain

“Member(s) of a small independent group (Relax Rekords) taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.”

Referring to actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization.”


Visuals were released a few days ago regarding the gun toting, warfare track, its original artwork being an image of currently incarcerated Miami rapper RobbBanks hanging from a rope with crosses across his eyes, evident of a death portrayal.

Backed with the newly placed Vevo label, the up and coming YouTube sensation that has already received notable plays displays a trio of some of Relax Rekords strongest labelmates: Kenny Turnup, the recently freed Houston residing Teddy Blow, and of course the always groundbreaking J $tash. 

It’s not verified if the entirety of the track is a diss pointed at the peer to J $tash and son of iconic Shaggy, Robb Banks, but its without needing explanation that J’s verse is.

Check out the Bentley rolling, gun toting visuals below leading up to the release of the end of the month Relax Gang mixtape, J $tash’s highly anticipated Hood Rich dropping September 23rd, and Relax Rekords member Bukkweat Bill‘s LOKKDOWN @ 11 dropping September 9th.

I done got indicted selling all white – @ZadricDavis