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Robin Hood Strategic Plan Case Study


ustia Jr., Teresito B.Business Strategy (10AM-1PM(SAT.))


Ti!e "onte#t

The legend emerges in the late 15


 century which date from around the reign of Prince John.


 Assembly meeting to the Merry Men or the bands and let them know for the problem arises:

Let’s put myself on the shoes of Robin Hood as the CEO.

First, is to acknowledge the main problem. Deal with it and discuss the issue arises communicate with them professionally, consider and listen all the ideas or opinion of both sides, take care to remain open rather than critici!e or "udge the perceptions of the #erry #en and then con$ene back as a team. %&ample of the issues to tackle' (the transit ta&, the increase si!e of the band and etc). * will address the newset of ob"ecti$es and strategies to them, share my own perspecti$e and ideas on the issue and if there no appeal or +uestions on the proposal, it will directly implemented and position are properly delegated to those who deser$e.

State!ent o' te Pro*e!

obin -ood personal crusade against the heriff.

The increasing si!e of the band.

 / mission to restore 0ing ichard back to power.

ecurity and $igilance because whoe$er wanted to "oin was taken in there could be spies and traitors in the group2.

To o$ercome the largest competitor, the sheriff.



Change the old organizational structure to a new one


3rgani!ing group into one force with a common goal and ob"ecti$e. %stablishing a mission and 4ision for such a big organi!ation ad aligning people with it.


Keeping up with ever changing environmental and economic scenarios.


Changing from old war methods to newer one which could utilize the workforce better.

Areas o' "onsi+erationAna*ysis

There are se$eral problems that need to be considered.

Robin Hood’s personal vendetta

 obin -oods personal $endetta ser$es as the basis for many of the problems encountered by the #erry #en. obins needs to make sure his own personal grie$ances against the heriff, do not lose sight of his initial crusade or dont cloud his $ision on what is in the best interest of his #erry #en as a group. /nother is a

competitive forces in the industry 

 which considered as an

external environment


Essay on Robin Hood Case Study

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What Should Robin Hood Do?
There are several issues Robin Hood needs to consider. First, Robin Hood needs to make sure his own personal grievances against the Sheriff do not cloud his vision and what is in the best interest of his Merrymen as a group. Second, take a broad look at the overall organizational structure by conducting an environmental scan, a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and/or using a variety of organizational assessments (measurements). A SWOT analysis will help determine some strategic alternatives and how the band can attempt to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals. Robin Hood can use the SWOT analysis to identify where he is strong and vulnerable, where he should defend and…show more content…

Before jumping into any major organizational changes, issues will need to be worked out so the Merrymen are all oriented in the same direction and remain united and unified in the way the band needs to operate. The fear of the unknown tends to cause greater anxiety than the change itself. Generally, involving personnel (the Merrymen) is a core element process for personnel empowerment to make them feel valued and important for team building. This will ensure Robin Hood gets as much feedback as he can on what the Merrymen think the problems are and what should be done to resolve the band's issues (McNamara, Strategic Planning,
Next, Robin Hood needs to plan and strategize on how to take care of his Merrymen and address the issues to handle the overwhelming growth of new recruits. He is responsible for the training, health, morale, and safety of the band, as well as its well-being. The rapid size increase of the band creates several different issues within itself that Robin Hood must deal with as well; (1 depleting the forest resources for food and shelter causing the band to outgrow its present location; (2 how to increase revenues and reduce cost; (3 find a new legitimate market for making revenues, because travelers avoid the forest for fear of being robbed; (4 because of the large number of new recruits, security for the band must

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