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Concentration Camps Research Papers


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was on the right side and one of the lucky ones. They were told to undress and put into stripeduniforms. At night, the SS guards would go around hitting them to see if they were hiding goldor diamonds. Around the same time, Auschwitz was sending Jews to other concentration campsto work. Joseph and the remaining portion of his family were checked out to see if they couldwork and were shipped off to Germany. They spent four years in a ghetto and could not standtwo weeks in Auschwitz. Joseph replied, "We wanted to get out of there as soon as possible."Auschwitz was comprised of three death camps. In May 1940, Auschwitz I was built andequipped with a gas chamber and crematorium to start eliminating small groups. This is wheremedical experiments by Joseph Mengele took place. Auschwitz II, also called Auschwitz-Birkenau, came about in the early part of the year in 1942. This camp was designed solely for killing only. There were four main crematoriums and several gas chambers surrounded byelectrical barbed-wire fencing. In October 1942, the last Auschwitz death camp was built.Auschwitz-Monowitz, Auschwitz III, housed prisoners assigned to work at Buna where theymade rubber and fuel. There were forty-five sub camps under this factory. In July 1944, around426,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz. Approximately 320,000 of them were sent to the gaschamber at Auschwitz II and 110,000 were used for labor ("Auschwitz", par. 12). Altogether, 1.1million Jews were deported to Auschwitz and at least 960,000 Jews were murdered("Auschwitz", par. 13 & 15).Crystalline Hydrogen Cyanide gas, otherwise known asZyklon B, was used as the major extermination method.Before Zyklon B came about, the Nazis first form of execution was the firing squad. A line was formed near 


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large hall of the house, where they were to tell to undress, and then they were driven along acorridor to the front door, where a large lorry, fitted up as a gas-chamber, was standing.´ Thiswas the point that the Jews thought they were going to be bathing and cleaning up themselves.Instead, ³When the lorry was full, the door was locked, the engine started, and carbon monoxidewas introduced into the interior through a specially constructed exhaust pipe´ The Jews weretrapped in this lorry as long as forty-five minutes. Furthermore, ³When the cries and struggles of the suffocating victims were heard no more, the lorry was driven to the wood, which wasenclosed with a high fence and surround with outposts. Here the corpses were unloaded and buried, and afterwards burnt in one of the clearings´ (Zamosc, 2). At this camp, the Jews were put to labor work. Jews were treated like dirt at this camp. Several Jews died from starvation andextremely poor conditions. More than 300,000 Jews were murdered at the camp of Chelmno.The Auschwitz camp was one of the worst concentration camps in Holocaust history.Auschwitz was made of three main camps that were known to put incarcerated prisoners to work.Auschwitz was to serve three main purposes: ³1.) To incarcerate real and perceived enemies of the Nazi regime and the German occupation authorities in Poland for an indefinite period of time; 2.) to have available a supply of forced labourers for deployment in SS-owned,construction-related enterprises (and, later, armaments and other war0related production); and 3.)to serves as a site to physically eliminate small, targeted groups of the of the populations whosedeath was determined by the SS and police authorities to be essential to the security of NaziGermany´ (U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2). ). Jews, at first, were executed by shootings.Later through the years, Nazis started using the poisonous gas method. When Jews were forcedto work, the hours consisted from eleven to twelve hour work days. ³They worked on hugefarms, coal mines, in stone quarries, in fisheries, and especially in armaments industries´ (U.S