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Biology Lab Homework

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Arturo Santos2IntroductionGenetics play a fundamental role in evolution, for the process cannot occur without it. The smallest unit in which evolution can occur is in a population. The individuals in a population must beable to breed amongst one another. When a population evolves, there will be a change in the frequency of alleles that are involved in the expression of traits that endorse this evolution. The individuals with this trait are expected to survive and produce more offspring than those without the trait, allowing for more individuals with the trait to prosper in a process known as natural selection. However, it is important to understand that not all changes in allele frequency in any population will result from that process. For instance, genetic drift is the changing of allele frequency due to chance mainly due to a small population. Mutations, non-random mating, and migration between populationsserve as other explanations for frequency changes. A population that is large, not evolving, not experiencing migration, and hosts randomly mating individuals is known to be in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The Hardy-Weinberg equation is a formula that helps determine the frequency of alleles or fraction of the population with the allele if a population is not evolving. In reality, no population isin this equilibrium. Henceforth, the Hardy-Weinberg equation is the null hypothesis, or the hypothetical allele frequencies if evolution has not occurred. This null-hypothesis is used for comparison with the experimental results. Based on the average amount of deviation of experimental values from Hardy-Weinberg calculations, it can be determined if evolution has occurred. In this